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About Latch Catch: Born Out of Necessity

Many years ago I went on a road trip with my girlfriend to Niagara Falls in my 1967 Pontiac Le mans convertible. Mint green paint with a black rag top and black interior, 4 speed on the floor and a small block 326 V8. Boy I loved that car. One day we started early and ran from one tourist trap to the next, into the wee hours of the night. The next day we were sleeping late. I woke up, and a man was at the dresser going through my belongings. I jumped up as he ran out of the door. Being a young man and as all young men, I thought I was bullet proof. So off I went chasing him. My room was on the bottom floor and only about 5 rooms from the hotel lobby.

He ran down the hall, through a lobby filled with travelers checking in and out, he headed down the other hall leading to the parking lot, I was hot on his trail. I ran through the crowded lobby and I was gaining on him and ready for a fight. Then in an instant, I realized, I was totally naked. I mean I did not even have socks on. He ran through the outside door at the end of the hall and I stopped. There I was, naked, with a choice, go outside or walk back through the crowded lobby. By this time most of the people in the lobby were looking down the hall at me anyway.  There were no cleaning ladies for me to steal a towel from. I was on my own. So slowly, I started walking towards the small crowd. I had no choice, it was either them or I could turn and go outside.

I figured they saw me once close up, so what is one more time. Quickly, I scurried by the crowd and down the hall, I did get a few smiles so all was not lost, just my dignity.

I knew I had locked the door with every lock provided, so I always wondered what happened.

Fast forward to today. I was traveling with my wife, daughter and favorite mother-in-law. We checked into a hotel and requested adjoining rooms. One room for my wife and I and an adjoining room for my daughter and favorite mother-in-law. We closed both outside doors, turned the dead bolt and engaged the latch arm on the door for added security.

I was in the room with my daughter and favorite mother-in-law and my wife walked in and closed the adjoining door behind her, not realizing it would lock. We were locked out of our adjoining room and there was no way to get in because I threw the latch arm on the safety lock.

I had no choice, I called the front desk. The lady came from the front desk with a pass card and opened the main lock and then she had a small thin object in her hand and stuck it in the door crack and popped the security latch off the pin in about 2 seconds.

We just looked at one another. My daughter and I sat down that night trying to design something to secure the latch arm and be small enough to put in her purse. We came up with a solution and made some drawings. After that night I made about 20 different prototypes and started testing them. Soon I came up with a few ideas and patented more than one. The one you see for sale fits every door in every hotel I could get into. For months I walked into hotels in the morning when the ladies were cleaning and said. “I am testing a lock for the hotel, it will just take a minute.” Closed the door, tested the fit, and off I went. If you are thinking, did I get caught, well it is safe to say I was thrown out of several hotels. A credit to them for their security.  When I tell you I was in over 100 hotel rooms testing, it is no exaggeration. And then I purchased every latch for sale on the internet and mounted them on doors and tested them. This lock has 2 holes to put the clasp in so it fits every latch we could find. I sent them to friends who travel the world, my wife and daughter used them traveling through Europe last year and they concurred that it fits every door with a swing arm latch. It is designed to fit left and right hand doors with ease.